Monday, April 26, 2010

Budding Artists

A few days ago, the kids finished with their naps and raided my kitchen. I had been baking cookies (translation: 12 dozen or so), and I underestimated the height of my kids. Zoey grabbed a cookie and went to town. Hmm.

However, she was a hard worker on her cooloring book. She already holds a crayon correctly.

Jack is more of a cave man in his writing habits. I grabs the crayon completely and starts to color. He's proud of his school bus though!!

Here's my girl with her every so popular chocolate goatee. She's hip...yo!

I love it when Jack is actually staying still enough for me to take his photo.

I love all the little details! His freckles are just too cute!

Of course, Zoey HAD to put on her cute pose to get yet another photo too!!