Friday, April 30, 2010


Kansas is a great place to live...if you like wind and thunderstorms. Yesterday, ahead of a cold front, we received a pounding from 30-40 MPH winds. It REALLY hit our place:

Limbs were down.

Chairs moved and knocked over (the green chairs were moved at least a foot!).

More chairs knocked over.
Obviously this is some strong wind!! However, we had one amazing survivor:

That's right. This little green Hot Wheels car, worth about $1, didn't even move with the wind. Our old owners left it, we found it and now it is our permanent outside car. It may be small but it's tough.

Aha. There's the reason it's so strong - it's British!!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

This isn't a sponsored post. Nope! Instead, it's me trying to waste time while the cake cools and while Jack is cleaning his room.

Mother's Day is next weekend. Isn't it crazy how quickly is came up on us this year? Crazy. Anyway, here are some great ideas for Mother's Day.

Or any day!

Note - some of these are a tad on the expensive side. Sure the Mamma in your life is worth it, but just FYI. I'm just having fun doing what I do best - thinking of gift ideas!!

1. Fridge Art

How cool is this? You can know keep your child's artwork with you...forever!! It runs a little high ($280 for the charm - yowch!), but it's so cute!! Interested? Check out the website:

2. Baby Name Rings

Kind of cool in a sentimental sort of way. They run about $130/ring...but you have 30 characters to work with AND (there's always an and) you can multiple names on it, separated by little hearts. Interested? Check it out at

3. Red Letter Words

I'm seriously crazy about this site. It's great art for really not that much. I could do so much damage here. Prices for art start at $55 (not bad!!!) Check it out here:

(Anyone else get a kick out of this? Or is it just me?)

4. More Word Art

I don't know what to call these prints. They are REALLY original and really not that expensive (around $60), especially when compared with other options I've found. What you do is send in a photo you love and whatever text you love (i.e. wedding vows, song lyrics, poems, phrases, etc). When combines them to create a very unique, very wonderful piece of art. Check it out here: (Pssst- they are also great for anniversary gifts!)

Mommy Confessions #1

My kids have a talent. Actually, scratch that - they have multiple talents that exceed my expectations. For example:

-- They can turn any room into a mess within 2 seconds of entering it. I really have been amazed at how they can turn an area into a complete wreck without even really trying.

-- They, particularly Zoey, breaks the sound record for highest and loudest scream. She screams because she's happy, ticked off at Jack, hungry, tired...need I say more?

--They, this time Jack, can annoy his sister at any given time doing very little. I really have been impressed by this ability!

At the end of the day though, I'm beat. I'm tired. I'm ready to crawl into my own bed and think about nothing. Those kids do me in like nobody I know.

Why do I tell you this?


For every moment that they make me want to pull my hair out or move them to a zoo, they do this:

And that always seems to make all the noise, all the mess, all the chaos worth it.

Of course, they will always be brother and sister!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Genetic Traits

Did you know that the ability to sleep in any position is genetic?

Like Father...

Like daughter.

Who knew?

I'm as amazed as you are, Walter!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Gift Finder: Pacifica Perfume

It's not often that I suggest a perfume. I have may favorites (Oceans Pacific, Lauren by Ralph Lauren) but in general, I don't have a big to-do with perfume. I like smelling good, but putting on expensive perfume when I'm just headed to the store is beyond my comprehension.

Anyway, I found the perfect alternative: Pacifica Perfumes!!!

You can see them all here:

If you have a local Sephora, you can also see a limited collection, but you can buy it immediately. That's where I found mine.

Tuscan Blood Orange is my absolute FAVORITE. It's fresh, it's complex and it's really just made for spring! My favorite (and I do mean faovrite) part is the price. It's only $20 per perfume. It's not a huge amount, but it's simple - you pay only $20 for it. No more guilt!!

Budding Artists

A few days ago, the kids finished with their naps and raided my kitchen. I had been baking cookies (translation: 12 dozen or so), and I underestimated the height of my kids. Zoey grabbed a cookie and went to town. Hmm.

However, she was a hard worker on her cooloring book. She already holds a crayon correctly.

Jack is more of a cave man in his writing habits. I grabs the crayon completely and starts to color. He's proud of his school bus though!!

Here's my girl with her every so popular chocolate goatee. She's hip...yo!

I love it when Jack is actually staying still enough for me to take his photo.

I love all the little details! His freckles are just too cute!

Of course, Zoey HAD to put on her cute pose to get yet another photo too!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

MOSH PIT - April

There are so many things that I didn't get to post yet:

- A trip to the zoo
- Coloring together
- Randomness you get a bunch of random pictures that are just plain ... well .... random. Enjoy!!!

(Zoey better play softball, because this is the perfect pose!)

(And the perfect throw)

(Jack hopefully gets into basketball too!)

(Hmmm. I can't say Zoey has a chance at football)

(I'm not going to tell her. Are you?)

(Socks are just toooooooooooo funny!)

(This was my tricycle as a kid. That's right - more than 20 years old and lookin' good!)

(What's Zoey doing?)

(Mowing! Of course!)

(Jack and new friend Alex cruise the area)

(Checking under the hood)

(Awww! Hugs!)

(Please no pictures, Mommy!)

(This is the face of a cat who just doesn't care)


(So Jack roleld in the mud and needed to be washed off)

(Here's a really edited version. Artsy!)

(As cold as it had to be, Jack had a blast!!!)

As Zoey says....The End.