Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Zoey's Slimy Obsession

It's such a beautiful day today! You really couldn't have a better day in March. It's a shame Walter couldn't come out with us.

But wait! What is he looking at?

Of course! Jack's Worm Daycare!

Look at all of his happy customers.

This is Drilly, the longest of the worms.

He was pretty slimy though, so Jack let Zoey pick him up.

She loves Drilly!

He's such a great playmate.

Look at how long he is!

Look at the Moon, Drilly!

Whoops! Almost dropped her new friend!

That's okay. There are plenty of hugs for him.


Prepare yourself for it...

It's going to make you want to wash your mouth out...

Worm Kisses.