Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Unexpected Visitors (and a Question)

Last March, we had to toss one of the most beloved rubber ducks:

We ripped him apart and found a lot of really, really yucky mold. It was very upsetting to the kids, but we all mourned together.

The next day, we had some surprise visitors:

That's right, some ducks!

You lookin' at me...punk?

We figured it was all rather strange since we had just destroyed one of the rubber ducks. You know - duck retaliation. Who knows. Flash forward to last week. I looked at the window and found these champs:

That's right - Wood Ducks! Beautiful, wood ducks. Apparently when the snow melts and our pool cover looks like a swamp, birds think they own the joint.

We named this one Stanley.

And his mate is now Flo.

Regardless, we haven't seen them since. Maybe Walter is a better gaurd cat than we thought!

Okay, so onto news...

As you can tell, photos are back up and running. While they were down, I did go ahead and make a WordPress account: http://bowmanbunch.wordpress.com/. Now, there are pros and cons to both Blogger and WordPress. I won't go into them all, but I'm still deciding whether I stick with Blogger (easy to use, easy for you to use, storage upgrade purchased) OR go ahead and work with WordPress (more options, own domain now (like http://www.kcbowmanbunch.com/), less glitches).

Do you guys have any opinions?