Monday, March 22, 2010

Ode to my Jack

This is my Jack. He's a four going on ten - he told me so himself! If you don't know Jack, then you're really missing out!!

He started out very, very small (barely over 4 pounds):

And now?
Well, let's just say that he's much bigger now!

He's sweet!

and he loves kisses!

I don't think he's ever met someone who he didn't like. Most are sure he's going to be in politics when he grows up.

This is a child who loves learning, especially about Christ. He wants to understand everything from loving Jesus to figuring out where Heaven is.

Quote (after talking to Travis about Papa Curtis being in heaven): Is Jesus-land next to Space-land?

He's always moving and always doing something...

...he scaled a chair at 9 months.
....he walked at 11 months.
.....he ran at 12 months.

He's the sort of kid who has no problems approaching a challenge head-on.

Sometimes he has trouble cleaning this room.
Sometimes he has trouble learning when fart jokes and raspberries are appropriate.
Sometimes he has trouble listening.

Regardless, he's mine. To know Jack is to love Jack.

He can cook ( cook).
He can take photos.
He can sing.
He can spell.
He can write (his name).

He can remember anything.
He can see anything.

I love my son!

Jackson: God is gracious!
Paul: Small

What a perfect combination for such a small baby who has grown into such a gracious child!