Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Moment With Jack: Episode 1

Scenario - After baths and tooth brushing, I'm getting Zoey ready for bed while Jack is putting on his PJs.

Jack: Mommy! There is cat pee!
Me: Where?
Jack: Down there!
Me: Where down there?

--At this point, I go ahead and get up. I go to the top of the stairs.--

Me: Where is it Jack? I don't see it.
Jack: (pointing) Right there!
Me: I still don't see it Jack.
Jack: (quickly makes his way to the bottom and put his finger on a spot) Right here!
Me: Jack, that's a smushed raisin.

Jack: Hmmm. Now Mommy, when was the last time you saw this cat pee?

MORAL OF THE STORY - there was no cat pee. Only a boy playing detective.