Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Life According to Kids

Lesson #1 (Jack): Growing Larger Feet
Jackson: Mommy, I'm going to walk a lot today, okay?
Me: Okay...why?
Jackson: Because when I walk, my feet grow!

Lesson #2 (Jack): Magic Owies
Jackson: Mommy, Mommy! When I took a bath, my owie melted! It's all gone!
Lesson #3 (Zoey): Sweeping the Kitchen
Zoey (upon picking up the broom in the kitchen): Oooo! Mommy, this is fun!
Lesson #4 (Zoey): Beds are Overrated
When the bed and a chair just won't do, it's okay to sleep on a hamper. That's right - just knock down the soft hamper and curl up on it!
(Pictures of said hamper slumber still coming!)