Thursday, March 11, 2010

Guess I'll Go Eat Worms

Disclaimer: No worms were eaten in the process of these photos. A few were squished, but that's a different story. Either way - if you hate worms, turn back now!

The set-up: My mom spent a little time with us after helping set up for the consignment sale. Yesterday before leaving she took the kids for a walk. Upon returning home, I went out to take photos. Let's just say I saw this:

What is she doing, you ask?

Lining up worms!

Jack wasn't in the mood for worms - he just wanted to ride his bike!

But not Zoey. She was in love with the worms.

Yes Jack, she's that crazy!

Zoey is just...Zoey.

Jack also did the crazy--

He played with his trucks!

It takes a lot of focus, as you can tell.

Zoey never strayed from her worms though.

Some were big.

Some were long.

We called this one "Big Daddy." He was a fast little sucker!

And yes, Zoey would talk to them.

This is a special rock.

Yes, it's Jack's special rock.

Zoey was momentarily impressed.

Jack moved to blowing bubbles in front of the door for Walt.

The cat loved it!

Zoey showed her love for Walt too -- by showing him a worm!

She knows how silly that is!

Jack's trucks were workin' hard!

Yup - another worm.

She isn't cuddling a rock. She's holding a worm ON the rock to her face.

Crazy girl!

This one was a tiny worm!


About this time, Jack started to really obsess about climbing a tree.

He's just too short!

Meanwhile Zoey was playing with Kaki.

It was a fun game until Kaki left to go help Jack.

Where'd everyone go?

Oh wait...

There's my boy!

I think he liked being up in the tree.

Just imagine lots of leaves in the background. Before long there will be tons of green leaves everywhere!

Now, Zoey isn't one to get left behind.

She loved being in the tree! I think she wanted to climb higher.

She wasn't too upset when we didn't let her go any higher.

Good girl, Zoey!

Thanks Mr. Postman!

Now what is this?

Zoey was on a mission.

She WAS going to catch that thing!

Soon we moved to our play castle.

Happy girl!

See? Told you that she was my happy girl!

Jack was my happy boy - he found a long-lost Pez!