Monday, March 1, 2010

Good-Bye, KC - Hellllllo Denver!

For the record, took 503 photos with my big camera and about 10 photos with my purse camera. Poll over!

On Thursday, we headed to KCI to board a plane to see....our family in Denver!! Everyone was excited when we first arrived:

The kids were able to even sit on the bench. (PS - pick out the photos taken with my "big" camera and those taken with the "purse" camera!)

See? They are happy!

Just don't touch Zoey's backpack.

At the airport, Zoey claimed her car seat.

Car seat + toddler = heavy.

After a quick lunch, we boarded the plane. What a perfect seat!

Amazingly enough, both kids did very well at take off. They just laughed and laughed.

Bye, Bye Kansas!

Starbusts were a true hero. Talk about a great way to keep those ears popping!

We arrived without an issue. Lugging two carseats around an airport really isn't that much fun. You can imagine our joy when we found the hotel.


Can you see the exhaustion on his face? Or is it excitement?

Zoey didn't really nap but the 30 minutes it took to reach our hotel. Trav was trying everything to keep her happy.

Nice airplane!!

Jack loved his "new" camera we gave him for the trip! It was actually our old camera, and it was a great thing to have on the trip.

This was Zoey's gift for the trip - Cinderella. She did have a dress, but Zoey preferred to keep her in her "swimming suit."

Sadly, not even Dora or Cinderella could prevent the tantrum.

After a great meal with Lugene, FM, and Kandice, we headed to the pool.

And we had fun.

A LOT of fun.

It also helped everyone sleep. Hard.

See that hard work?

After a long day, it really makes the day complete.

How could we deny this boy from going crazy in the pool?

I know I couldn't pull him out!

For me the best part was watching him swim in the hot tub against the jets. Best exercise ever!

Ah, there's my tired girl!!

The swimming trio is headed to bathtime.

And here's my princess of the pool!

Next up - Day 2, complete with the first meeting with Papa Curtis and more fun! Don't expect Day 2 today though; we are enjoying the weather!