Thursday, March 11, 2010

Denver Trip #2 -- Day 2

Amazingly enough, this is going to conclude the Denver trips. I know that you may wonder where are the photos from the funeral/travelling back home, but let's considering the following:

1) Funerals really don't make for a great photo. A wedding? Sure. A funeral? Nah.

2) Our plane left at 8:05 pm. That means that it was dark. And Zoey was fussy. And there were a bunch of volleyball players on the plane with us, making it very loud. Plus I had a headache.

3) We went to the rec center pool again and I actually did some swimming! It was great, but once again - the camera stayed in a safe, dry place.

I'm sure you'll forgive me!

Anyway, after a trip to Walmart and the mall to keep unhappy kids from getting out of hand, we made our way to Kristi's house.

Both kids were actually pretty excited!

At Kristi's, Zoey and Trav caught up on the sports with a section stolen from a table at the mall.

Jack found a gift!

Wow. Firetruck! Police car! WOOOOO!

He didn't eeven mind when the girls played too!

This was a very peaceful moment.

As was this! After a wonderful lunch, we crashed at the hotel.

After a 1-2 hour nap, we started to fill out our ballots for the Oscar party!

Jack was Woody from Toy Story, only we didn't have a hat.

Jack loved his costume!

He really made a great cowboy....

...even without the hat!

Trav was Julia Childs.

The knee-highs, despite being a "Queen" size, didn't quite make it up to the hem line.

For the record, he was the best Julia Childs ever! Props for wearing (and walking in!) high heels!

Zoey was Maria Von Trapp from the Sound of Music.

She was hungry.

And let's be real - hungry girls don't pose.

Thanks for stickin' with us as we travelled. Thank you for listening to our stories, watching our cat, etc. We really appreciate our friends and family now more than ever!


Melissa May said...

Hey Ang! Just read/saw all your stories/pics about Papa Curtis. Looks like a special time. Reminds me of how we felt about our last trip to see Grandma in KS. We were so grateful we went when we did b/c her health changed so dramatically the week after. Thankful for God's kindness in times like that.