Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Denver Trip #2 -- Day 1

On the first full day, we actually had quite some time off. We first made our way to the mall, where we saw this monster.

Yes, it's a pink hearse on monster truck wheels. There were more hearses turned into cars along the way. Kind of creepy but kind of interesting.

At the mall we say this. I think someone doesn'tunderstand what the Hungry monster really is?

Here are my shoppers.

She's ready to go!

After about an hour of shopping and playing, we headed to Boulder to finish our sight-seeing that was cut short last time with a potty accident.

Jack loved the human statue.

Here's Boulder.

Aren't the mountains gorgeous?

We loved it there; especially around the candy shop!

We saw a street magician...

...he was really good!

The kids loved him too!

Aren't they cute together?

Now, I'm dedicating a portion of this post to all of the "musicians" we saw.

There were marimba players...

A trumpet player...

(Same guy, only actually playing instead of singing)

A metal guitar.

An upright piano.

A grumpy accordian player.

A harp - this guy had an AMAZING voice!

And finally, this guy. He's "playing" a typewriter. Because there's no paper, it makes me think he's trying to make music. But he just may be a little crazy. I don't know. It's not something you see every day though!

I guess, what can you expect from the people who still drive this classic.

Now, on the way back to the hotel we remember a scenic outlook we had seen in passing on the way to Boulder. We just made a quick u-turn and pulled over.

Kind of hazy/cloudy, but still beautiful!

Then the rocks moved.

The rocks were really prairie dogs!

Talk about cute!

Later that evening, we met everyone including the Kansas travellers at a local restaurant.

Lugene and Zoey were having a blast!

So was Audrey.

Well, except when I tried to take her photo.

Sorry Audrey.

Who knew an empty beer bottle could be so fun?
Up next....Denver Trip #2 -- Day 2!