Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Denver Trip #2 - Day 0 (Travel Day!)

We came on Sunday.
We left again on Friday.
Amazingly enough, the kids were excited to fly again.

Now, why did we fly instead of drive? Many reasons:

1) We would take my car. My car needs to be looked at as something plasticky and under the front looks broken. While it may be nothing, I wouldn't like to drive out there and end up in Limon with a major problem.

2) Zoey has a 5 hour limit. We have about a 2 hour reserve. Combine that and it would make for 9 hours of torture.

3) We just didn't have the time. I priced more than 300 items for the sale, meaning if I didn't get the items to the sale in time, I not only wouldn't make any money but I would have to store six extra totes for a full years AND not be able to actually go to a pre-sale.

Anyway, so we ate at the airport again after checking in.

Everyone was excited!

Jack was lovin' our airplane.

We love Southwest!

This is just one boy lookin' at one plane. I think they should write a country song about that.

Bye Kansas!

Oh Zoey and her stickers!

She's hillarious!

Side note: unlike previous flights, I was seated behind Trav and Jack meaning there are no pictures of them in the airplane. Sad, I know.
On the way to the hotel, the boy passed out.

And so did the girl. Angi was a happy camper.

We actually made it to our destination in great time!

Once again, Angi was a very happy camper.

For the record, I used THIS camera to take the photos. It's small and compact. It's easier to use in tight places. Plus it doesn't require me to take out a flash.
Here's my lovely husband. Doesn't he look amazing? After a day of travelling, I would love to look the great!

What is NOT pictured are the crab legs we devoured over dinner. In hindsight, I should have remembered to bring my camera. In reality, the crabs were freaking amazing and Lugene and I made sure that we ate ALL we could eat. Trav estimated between the two of us that seven (7!) crabs were consumed.

I think that's understimating our talents.

Next up: Denver Trip #2 -- Day 1!