Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Denver Trip #1 -- Day 2!

After a hard night's sleep, we were ready to start out morning for our second full day in Denver!

First we started with a healthy dose of Elmo on the iTouch.

Then we threw on our clothes and headed to see Papa Curtis again.

Ah, there's the face of a man who was enjoying himself!

Our diva wouldn't take off her sunglasses.

On a side note, Jack finally finished the puzzle he had worked on with Lugene and Zoey!

Zoey, on the other side of the room, wanted to color with Papa Curtis.

He was happy to help!

Coloring requires a lot of extra help.

And yes, she even managed to sit on his lap!

As long as she had her crayons,

She was happy. She even managed to get Papa Curtis to help!

Those sunglasses just crack me up.

Papa Curtis looked like he was enjoying it too!

She HAD to find the best page to color next.

When she was ready, her glasses came off.

It's amazing to think that this was a man who was just four days away from his death yet had the ability to help his great-grand daughter color.

Lugene and Jack were lovin' the books.

Zoey loved to take a break and listen too.

That USA book was great!

And...Zoey was back to coloring.

We couldn't tell if he was tickling her or hugging her.

Either way, she didn't seem to mind.

She just wanted to color.

Even off his lap it was fun to color!

...And now we're back to reading. Do you sense a pattern here?

This conversation was about a dog.

After lunch with friends, we came back to the hotel and crashed. Hard.

That's a tired little girl!

And this is a little boy who should be sleeping!

After getting up, we went back to the nursing home for one last good-bye.

And yes, Zoey stayed in her PJs.

She wanted her PJs and her stickers. Since she couldn't share her PJs with Papa Curtis, she shared her stickers with him!


Did Jack need stickers on his face too? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

His shirt will work as a good substitute.

Amazingly enough, they had screws in the room. I believe he was building a car.

Here's MORE sticker face!

Jack and Lugene played dominos together while Papa Curtis and Trav talked.

That's not too shabby!

Zoey was working on the puzzle ... again.

This was our sign that it was time to go.

"I love you Papa Curtis!"

"I'll miss you!"

Sealed with a kiss.

He often walked out with Lugene to say good-bye.

This time was different.

This good-bye would be the last time we ever saw him.

Fast-forwarding a few hours---after pizza by the pool and a little swimming, we all come up to the room to laughter and cookies.

(He's so chill!)

See the stickers? They were amazingly powerful and stayed on during everything.

Why is there a truck on Zoey's head?

Aha! Now we know why!

As we were winding down for the night, Zoey decided it was time to cuddle.

A kiss here and there...

....a little basketball on TV....

...Zoey never wanted it to end!
Next up: Denver Trip #1 -- Day 3!