Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Denver Trip #1 -- Day 1

It's really strange to think about how much has changed in the last week or so. We traveled to Denver during the last week of February to see Trav's grandfather, Papa Curtis. Less than a week later, we found ourselves on the way back to bury his body and remember the man we all knew and loved.

Anyway, it's been a crazy, whirlwind of emotion, to say the least. Looking at the photos I took really make me proud that we went and very thankful that Curtis was able to wait for us to visit. Talk about a special visit!!

Anyway, on the first "full" day, we went right over to the nursing home to spend time with Papa Curtis.

Of course we took photos!

...making sure to get just the right photos...

Nope. Not good enough yet! Yes, that's my little photographer!

How perfect is this? Everyone was happy...and reading!

Jack REALLY loved this book!

This was Curtis' last month on Earth. Talk about a great month! Audrey, April and Suzie at the beginning and our little family at the end.

If you know Zoey, you'll know how amazing this sight is.

She even held his hand!


Jack and Papa Curtis even read together, though none of them could really "read" to each other.

I was so proud of Jack for doing this for Papa Curtis!

More reading...

And a kiss!

Zoey REALLY loved her book too!

Although Zoey can't read either, she can sure interact!

This is something that is uniquely Jack - a massage.

Zoey loved the alphabet letters on the floor.

I believe she was on a hunt for the letter "H."

Trav and his beloved grandfather were deep in conversation about the oil fields.

Talk about a face full of memories!

She found it!

Lugene was the star of the show - she and the kids put together a 100-piece puzzle!

Now, this photo is subjet to criticism. I wanted Trav to smile. He said this was his "deep in conversation" face.

Awww! Lugene and Zoey - lovin' the puzzles!

Okay, Jack's turn with the alphabet letters this time.

After lunch and naps, we came back to see Papa Curtis again!

Our girl wasn't quite awake yet.

Jack was!

He helped Papa Curtis eat his animal crackers.

After a short visit, we travelled to Kristi's house where we met her great puppies!

Okay, so I know they are really still puppies. However, they were still amazing!

Imagine a group of photos here detailing Casa Bonita, a great Mexican feast in Denver. I was REALLY tired and had a HUGE headache, photos. We had fun though!

On the way home, Zoey passed out.

Jack...not so much!

Zoey even stayed asleep when we took her back to the room. And undressed her. And gave her a bath. Yes, she tried to sleep during the bath.

At this point I asked Jack to act sleepy. He gave me a yawn and then...

He started laughing.

So we took a photo together.

And he had fun with the dump truck he won at the arcade!

Oh Jack.

You so rule!

Up Next: Denver Trip #1 -- Day 2!