Monday, February 8, 2010

Time Machine: 12/26/2009

Question: Am I just really that slow at posting?
Answer: No. I'm just that focused on not overwhelming you with too many event-centered photos.

Question: Was Zoey actually riding her new bicycle?
Answer: No. She was on the bike but just enjoying being pulled around. No pedals were being pushed.

Question: Can Jack really ride the scooter?
Answer: Yes. He rides it quite well, actually.

Question: What is Zoey building?
Answer: Probably a train. She was obsessed with trains that week.

Question: What is Jack holding?
Answer: That's his robot. It was a short-lived project.

Question: That's a huge train!
Answer: Tell me about it. You should have heard her scream when Jack "accidently" knocked it down.

...Speaking of tall buildings...

Question: Did Jack build that by himself?

Answer: No. Basic math rules apply here. Jack is around 3 and a half feet tall. The structure is around 5 and a half feet tall.

Question: What is Zoey doing here?
Answer: Running around in her tutu. What else WOULD she be doing?!