Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Part 2 - The Play

Unlike the December-January snowstorms, this one was (1) WARM!! It was around 30 degrees instead of 7 degrees and (2) WET!! meaning we were able to make a


When we first ventured out, Zoey wasn't too impressed.

Jack had no trouble diving right in and making a snowball!

It eventually turned into something much larger!

Our snowman was coming together!

Zoey even helped!

And yes, Jack really is as large as the snowman.

Concentration is key!


This is slush. I don't know about you, but I get cold just looking at it.

Obviously Zoey wasn't too upset by her cold feet.

Jack was more than happy to get his photo taken by his snowman!

Considering that this is a rare moment, I happily snapped away.

After all, this is his first snowman!

A kid should ALWAYS remember that first snowman!