Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Part 1 - The Removal

Gotta love winter. We expected snow, but we didn't expect it to linger as much as it did!! People in our area have reported 8 inches of snow, but because it's so heavy, I wouldn't have thought it was more than 6!! Anyway, earlier in the snowfall, I went outside to take photos.

My camera was attacked by a huge, wet snowflake.

This is further proof that it was snowy. And that we love KU!

Because my mom had stayed around for a few days after covering me for my interview, we needed to remove the snow from her car. No easy task.

The scraper was highly desired.

Zoey won - this round.


Jack wasn't left behind though. His just matches his coat.

Off to work.

It's a tough job!

That snow is thick...

And heavy...

Zoey's even helping us remove snow from our yard!

And catching snowflakes.

Jack agreed - these were the PERFECT snowflakes to catch on your tongue!

Further proof that it's snowy - this was only about 2 hours into the moring snowfall!