Friday, February 5, 2010


Sometimes we call on our favorite doctor...

....Dr. help us when we need medical assistance.

Today's patient: Walter

The initial symptoms: unknown, the "cat got his tongue." (Ba boom ching!)

First, the doctor listened to his heart.

"Hmmm. Take another deep breath for me!"

"Uh oh. That can't be a good sign."

A band-aid always cures everything.

"But listen doc, I have this pain..."

Obviously, something hilarious occurred.

The doctor was very thorough.

"Well, let's take your temperature..."

"You're going to put that...where?"

Obviously this was a tough one. The doctor called in his associate, Dr. Zoey. She was off duty, hence her casual dress.

Ah yes, of course! Dr. Jack has declared that they must run a few more tests on the patient.

There was something wrong with that heart beat...

"Hmmm. Dr. Zoey, what do you think?"

"Dr. Zoey, do you hear that?"

"No, Dr. Jack. I don't hear anything at all!"

"It's my conclusion that the patient is just peachy. Off to the next patient!"
*Important note: no animal was harmed in the process of this "exam." I think Wlater may have actually enjoyed the attention.