Monday, February 15, 2010

Cousins 4 Eva

To help April and Steve enjoy Valentine's Day date, we had a third join us for a few hours - Audrey! The weather was crummy though.

Snow? Who wants snow?

Anyway, after dinner and a little playtime, we thought we would just take some photos together.

It started off on a funny note.

Audrey. Oh Audrey!

Audrey bolted, which left my kids to be on the couch together. Ah, the sweet sound of laughter!

NOW we have all three!

It doesn't get better than laughing cousins.

Do you see those smiles?

Can't you just hear those giggles?

They all love each other!

TOUCH DOWN!! Out of focus but still awesome.

Awww! Hugs!

Next we all took a shower together.

Audrey was especially pleased.

MORE laughter!


Nevermind, the giggles have returned!

Uh oh. Jackson...

Zoey! Bathtime isn't over yet!

What a silly goose!

Audrey was having a blast with her cousins!


BFF! Although, I'm sure that by the time they hit Junior High it will be sooooo uncool to use "BFF."

You can see that they are related!

Audrey REALLY thought it was funny!


After bathtime, we had about 30 minutes to kill. What did we do? We let the girls bunk together while we read books!

Then they moved to reading their own books.

This was pretty much the beginning of the end of book reading.

Oh well. At least we all had fun!

Thanks for playing with us Audrey!!