Sunday, January 10, 2010

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

The snow has finally stopped! We can't tell you how nice it is to finally get above 10 degrees and to finally not have multiple days with snowfall. We like our snow, but it gets tiresome after awhile!

SOOOOO....we went outside on Sunday to run off some steam in the 20-degree weather.

We had one man down...

....and true compassion from his sister:

Jack was our hard-core shoveler.


Well, Zoey just looked cute and stayed on the driveway for the most part.

Sometimes she would even watch Jack as he fell.

Here's the snow on our house a full 4 days after the last snowfall:

Our tree demonstrates just how high the snow was.

You would think that would deter Jack from shoveling.

Not this kid!

Zoey wasn't really that jealous.

Ever want to walk ON snow?!

Snow sludge is very exciting stuff, man.


Fear not - he is OKAY!!

Want to feel cold? Check out Jack's pants:

BRRRRR!!!! And can you imagine sitting on this bench? Double BRRRR!

Zoey did help...eventually.

I love this kid!

I love his man!
I love this girl!!

I do NOT love this view of the roof:

Man, I'm working up a sweat just looking at Jack shoveling!

Can you imagine doing this in 20 degree weather? Better yet - can you imagine doing this in 10 degree weather?

Obviously Zoey is quite concerned about that last part - she HATES being cold.

We also discovered that she hates snow.

So do we - it took a LOT of effort to clear this driveway. Heck, it took a lot of effort for EVERYONE to clear their driveways!

This is one tired boy.

Shoveling will do that to ya.

Well, until his daddy starts to brush the snow off the roof.

Time to have fun!

Well, fun for some of us.

In the end, I think it was good for everyone to get out for a little bit!

Stay warm out there!