Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tinkering with Trains

This Christmas there were few things that Jack wanted more than a train table. Our fab day care provider had one, and it was clear that both kids loved it dearly. Of course, we helped out "Santa" by finding this table - no easy task. Eventually everything fell into place and on Christmas, Jack was overwhelmed by the sight of this:

After bringing it home in a packed car, we attempted to put it together one evening after the kids had gone to bed. Our plight was blocked all for the want of one missing screw:

A few calls (oklay, many calls) later and we finally got the screw! Trav got started:

Walter supervised while Trav turned the chaos into a table:

Walter used the box as a seat for watching fish.

Does anyone see a table coming together?

And yes, Walter was great at reading instructions.

The next morning after spending another hour assembling the track, we had two happy kids:

Here's to playing together...nicely...