Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas, Part 2 (post-snow)

Well, we ended getting snow on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day:

A LOT of it.

That's 8 inches right there. Another 6 inches fell the next day.

We had to dig a path for us to even make it to the street!

Although it was a very stressful ride there (thanks to all the Hummers/SUVS/super trucks who made our drive interesting by driving 70-75 on snow packed roades).

By the time we hit El Dorado, the kids were ready to just get there!

After lunch and naptimes, we coordinated with Sam and Nate to open our gifts with them via Skype. Say" Cheese" Jack!

This time with less uvula:

Zoey was a serious gift-opener:

Jack's new shoes are Car-themed AND light up!

The the process of opening....

Jack was so excited for get Cars stuff!

Paging Doctor Zoey!

The infamous Fred.

I hate Fred.

Jack doesn't hate Fred. He showed it off to Sam and Nate.

Then it was Zoey's turn to show off to her precious aunt and uncle!

And more...Jerry's Recycled Batteries...

Trav received...CLOTHES!!
Zoey in a tutu was awesome:

Then we added the hat....
And put her on her new bike!
I think we all can agree - it was a wonderful, very loving Christmas for all!!