Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well, not now. Despite the fact that it's nearly 3:00 (and probably will be after 3:00 once I finish this post), my kids are not sleeping. Nope. Naptime right now is a rarity. Aren't you jealous?

Anyway, so I thought it was time to show our bedtime rituals.

First Jack plays with Walter (excuse the blurry photo):

A few months ago, Jack moved from the bath to the shower. That's fine, though he's really picky about the water temp. This is his "Mom, the water is too hot!" face:

But once we get the temperature juuuuust right, he'll hop in.

Look at Mommy!

He's trying to get his hair wet AND get a drink at the same time! Impressive multi tasking, if I do say so.

Showering is funny. I don't know why, but to him it is.

At least he enjoys it!

As you see with Zoey, winter isn't our friend when it comes to facial care. Zoey's is more labor intensive, but Jack doesn't get away with nothing. We put Eucerin, a heavy cream, on his face each night in the winter to help with the dryness:

Now, Walter is our shadow during this process. When a spider came out from the closet, I wanted to see what he would do. Well, I paralyzed the spider for him and Walt finished him off. This is Jack's face during the feedinf frenzy.

Now Zoey...she's actually the first one in the bathing process, but I figured that Jack is the older child and deserves to go first every now and then!

After playing for a few minutes, we go ahead and get the shampoo process started. Tonight we preferred the mohawk.

It looks nice!


Now for Zoey's facial routine. Here is the clear face.

Add Vitamin E oil.

Add Aquafer.

Add diaper cream.

After reading some books to her, she usually ends up like this:
Now - obvious question - why isn't there a photo of Jack sleeping? It's easy:
1) Even after reading books together and singing songs, he's not exactly in the best mood to sleep. Usually it takes him at least 30-45 minutes to pass out. Sometimes it will take more.
2) When he's asleep, you stay out of his room unless you want him awake. Zoey will sleep through anything but Jack will wake up and freak out.


Eden said...

cute post - and i love the pictures and the Jack explanation!