Thursday, January 14, 2010

Accomplishment Updates - For Realz

First Up - Jackson

Aw, Jack. My pirate-loving, robot-craving, Cars-obsessed boy.

- He is mastering the art of handwriting. However, pencil holding is a different story. When I asked him to hold it like I was holding it, he told me "this is my book. You can hold your pencil how you want to hold it when you're playing in your book."

- He's now wearing "big boy undies" in the evenings for about 4-5 hours each night and has yet to have an accident! WOOT!!

- As a result of his potty training efforts, we let him make puppy chow a few nights ago. When we finished up the recipe, he said that we had to put it into plastic baggies. I asked him why, and he explained that he wanted to give some to all of our neighbors. Awww!

- Don't ask him what he wants for Christmas. Or his birthday. Just trust me on this.

- He loves his new train table, though most of the time he gets so wrapped up in his imagination that he forgets about Zoey. Loud, very crazy choas continues.

- Jack is my little helper. He knows where to put his shoes away, where to hang his coat, etc. I know that he will take care of things if needed!

And Zoey - our little sweetpea.

- Her understand and vocab just grows every day!! My favorites have been "Mommy gave me yum-yum" and "Give me more please, Daddy."

- Don't ever tell her that you need to go take a shower. She'll take your hand, lead you to a toilet and expect you to use it. Apparently in her world you use the potty before taking a shower.

- Right now we're stuck on Dora and Elmo. I don't know if I'll survive this one!!

- You don't want to sleep in our house this week. Zoey's been getting up at 7:00 and waking everyone else up in the process. However, there's nothing like Zoey walking into a room saying, "Good morning Mommy! Good morning Daddy!"

- Zoey is my cuddler. Jack is always moving, but Zoey has no problems sitting on your lap and cuddling up next to you to read a book or the like. Plus she loves to gives kisses, which makes her cuddles even more wonderful!