Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Still Before the Storm

The storm is coming!
The storm is coming!

Aren't you just jealous? That's right - that's a -5 for a low on Monday.
And Wichita isn't much better:

You can say that Christmas is going to be very, very snowy. And cold. And wet.

SO yesterday we were able to get out and play for a little bit!

Jack started on the bike...

...but then he gave it up for something else. Zoey, logically, stepped in and took over the bike.

She's stylin', what can I say?

Note that she isn't moving. Or really even trying.

Jack WAS moving...quickly.

Is there football in his future?

Here's his happy face.

And his first game face.

Oooo. That would want me to back away if I saw this face!

What a throw! It's such a great throw that it's out of the picture!

By this point Zoey wanted to draw with chalk.

And then play golf.

We have no less than 12 balls, so you would think it wouldn't be that hard to grab a ball!

Jack showed us the finer points of golfing.

Zoey wasn't impressed.

Jack had the perfect baseball golf swing!

Now, where did that ball go?

Once again - unimpressed.

Eventually Zoey went to the yard and found a stick in the shape of V. Being Zoey, she recongized this as part of a start. She was very proud of that star!

Isn't Jack helpful?! Say it with me..."THANK YOU, JACK!"

Inside, we tried to finish a movie and read books.

For Zoey it was the start of "naptime" which ended up being 3 hours of headaches.

For Jack it was 10 minutes of Arthur with a cuddly cat to keep him warm.

For me it was the start of a chaos that would last until 8:00 that evening!