Sunday, December 13, 2009


First, Walter!

That's right - our cat can cover entire regions to the US.

Although he does enjoy the Northern states and Canada...

....he seems to favor the south and midwest.

Meanwhile, Zoey loves her chair:

And Jack loves being an older brother.

See? They even read to each other!


Walter thinks it's cute too.

Jack is growing up far too fast.

But he is so proud of being older than Walt!

Zoey loves lounging.

"No pictures, please!"

"Mommy! Walter's trying to use my bath water!"

This was taken when she was supposed to be asleep.

And this was taken when HE was supposed to be sleeping!

Of course, Walter seems to make that difficult for Jack some nights!

Who can blame him?

*Note: No cats were harmed in the process of taking these photos.