Friday, December 4, 2009

A Night in the BIG City

Although it seems like it's been ages ago, we really only went to see the Plaza about four days ago. Amazing what has changed:

- The weather (in the photo it was around 50 degrees. Right now we're sitting at 15)
- My job (I had a job to work the next day. Now? Not so much)
- Plaza Crowds (as it gets closer to Christmas, the more people will be out on the streets)

Anyway, so we meant April, Audrey, Suzie and Don to start our journey to the carriage rides:

"We're off to the see the horses! The wonderful horses of KC! Because, because, because..."

Come on! If you don't start singing that just don't have the spirit of Kansas in your heart!

*Note: Yes, I realize the Plaza is in Missouri. Work with me people!

Now, please take a moment to gaze at the wonderful Plaza lights:

And the cuteness that is Zoey, her daddy and her papa all walking together.


Now, when we saw the horses for the first time, Zoey didn't quite react like we would have thought.

No, she called them cows. Even mooed for us!

Here's a group shot:

Now, for the ride:

This was just as they took off. I love Audrey's "what the..." gaze.


I <3 this photo!

Grandma and Zoey love the sights!

So does Jack. Please forgive my lack of shots of him. It's the realization that I was up front and he was in back. Not easy to get his photo without standing up.

Pretty darn cute though!

Audrey loved the sights too!

Awww! Look - the dust makes it look like it's snowing! Just pretend it really was and not just random dust picked up when I overedited the photo.

I <3 this photo too. Checkin' out the photos together.

Here's a high-five...

But wait! Audrey's not done!

Kisses #1.



Happy Zoey... a great Zoey!

Ooooo Ahhhh.

Zoey was able to pause for some photos with her daddy:

And...more horses!

Here are my guys!

Here the girls were about to hold hands when Audrey spotted the gum ball machine.

Talk about a wonderful end to a wonderful night!

And apparently my sister-in-law and I have great timing, because she put her Plaza night photos up too:!