Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Meeting Santa...and Penguins!

Saturday we all packed into the car to make our way to Santa at Bass Pro Shop.

As you can tell, Jack was thrilled:

Why? Because they have "real" reindeer (stuffed) with Santa!

We waited quite a bit.

But when the time came, Zoey wasn't as thrilled:

The moment she hopped off his lap, she was all smiles and said, "thank you!"

They also had fun things to play with:

After playing with their fun toys, we saw all the fish at BPS!

On the way home we decided to stop at the Penguin House:

The homeowner lost his mother to cancer, so now he invites people to go through his penguin explosion and donate what they can.

He adds to it each year but never takes any of the donations for himself.

He also shows a penguin-related movie in the evenings!

Everyone really had fun!

You just couldn't ask for a better Saturday morning!