Sunday, December 13, 2009

Friday Night Football!

Back in August, we planned to see a football game somewhere in the city. The first option was September 4, the day before Zoey's birthday party. Knowing that September can be unpredictable weather-wise AND we had a party to prepare for, we opted for October.

The options:
- October 17
- October 23

Since Oct. 17 would be the Friday after our Nebraska trip, we assumed we would be exhausted. We voted for October 23.

Thankfully, when Oct. 17 came and passed, we were thankfully we opted the next week. It was cold. Chilly. And yucky.

The next week on October 23, we were all excited. Zoey's second high school game. Jack's third. The only unfortunate part? It was 46 degrees out there. We all bundled up in multiple layers of clothes and headed out to watch the game.

Here's my happy family before the game started:

Everyone was just so excited!

Zoey wasn't so sure as to what to expect:

After the band played the anthem, she really started to enjoy herself!

Here are my boys:

And of course, my little girl:

Every time the band played, she would lay her crackers down and then clap.

My kiddos...

....watching the football players.

Does Zoey's face make you think that the game was close?

A nailbiter?

An exciting moment perhaps?

Such a great game that her daddy helped her watch?

Eh....try again. Poor Olathe South.

She loved it though!

Where was Jack with all of this? Why...covered in his blanket all nice and warm!

Not Trav and Zoey though!


At half time, we bundled up even more to watch the band.
In the end, a very good evening!
Not warm....but a memory nonetheless!
After getting through warm baths and into cozy pajamas, we all read books together.
Even Walter couldn't stay away!