Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas, Part 1 (Pre-Snow)

With Christmas a'comin', we trekked down to Mission to celebrate the holidays with good food, good company and good gifts before heading to church to the Christmas Eve service.

Then the weather came around and threw a new twist in the puzzle - snow. Sleet. Freezing rain.

Of course, when we went to Mission it was fine. It was cold, a little drizzly but really not bad. Hey, there was hope after all! We had even planned to go to Wichita that evening.

Zoey's first agenda was to sit in front of the Chex Mix and not budge for quite a while.

Note: You'll have to pardon a lack of pictures. I was (and still am) fighting a cold - not sick enough to stay at home but sick enough to feel like just relaxing instead of taking photos. Sorry. Oops.

Anyway, Jack showed off the gifts.

Everyone was interested and ran on over! Well, everyone except Zoey who decided to play with the OLD toys.


Santa knew what Jack loves!

Let's be honest here - opening gifts is a hard job for a little girl!

"What is it, Daddy?"

"Are you getting it? Do you need my help?"

Once wearing her necklace, we had a happy girl who was happy packing her car with the goodies!

And...this was about the time when the sound of sleet really became loud and terrifying. We drove home about 15 minutes later - it took us around 60 minutes on a normally 20 minute drive. At least we were able to get home safe and sound and make the most of the wonderful day!