Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best of 2009

This year has been filled with plenty of ups, downs and everything inbetween. But, these were some our best:

We played outside in the unusually warm January winter.

We played in March's crazy wintery weather:

Easter was a surprisingly cold but wonderful day!

It was even the start of the kids letting me take photos of them. Together.

We went to the farm:

Took plenty of walks in the park.

My sister was married!

And we helped her celebrate.

The cousins played with each other.

We even saw a free Royals game in GREAT seats!

Happy Father's Day!

We loved (and lost) Zoey's curly hair.

We loved the baby pool:

Well, most of us loved the baby pool.

We flew kites.

Celebrated America's birthday!

We took the pool on the road to stay cool everywhere.

We also lounged in the big pool!

We said "good bye" to Sam and Nate as they trekked to China to teach English.

We cleaned up our backyard.

And swam some more.

We welcomed the newest member of our family - Walter.

Zoey turned two.

Jack took up photography.

Zoey took up cooking.

Jack learned the value of building with Legos.

Zoey learned the value of sharing her dollhouse with her brother.

Jack turned four!

The kids helped Papa Gary cheer on the Huskers (who swept Arizona in the Holiday Bowl).

They also helped Daddy cheer on the Broncos.

We enjoyed our new meat smoker.

We worked together to clean up fallen leaves.

And helped do our part for Mother Nature by picking apples.

We baked cookies for friends and family:

And took in the Plaza lights:

We said "hello" to Santa, each in our own, very special ways:

We played in our first snowfall:

We also gave pigtails a go again!
All-in-all, it was a wonderful but challenging year. Here's to a great 2010!

See you next year! (That was witty...when I was going to post it before 12:10 AM on Jan. 1!)