Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Apple Orchard, Take 2

So now that I am no longer employed, there is no reason at all why I cannot go ahead and post some pictures. Although this trip to the apple orchard occured in late September, it's better now than never!

I've already showed you the pictures of the chickens. As in, I'm not reposting them now. You can find those photos right here:

Back to the apple orchard...

Jack was eager to have fun:

He showed no fear with picking those apples.


He's eyeing his next big catch.

Ooo. Look at all those beautiful apples!


Meanwhile, Zoey was just being Zoey.

She did get into the picking "thing" for awhile though!

Poor Audrey was stung by a bee!

I love this expression. It's her "Who Me?" look.


In the end there is nothing like cuddly up next to Daddy before...


And of course, here's our beautiful bounty:

After walking back from the trees, we tried to get the kids to pose for a picture.

You can guess how well this turned out.

I love this picture of Audrey:

All the colors just mesh together so beautifully. Plus she's looking into the light - always a dream!
Now, I did manage to take some great photos of the kiddos:

Aw - Grandma Suzie with both of her girls makes for a beautiful shot.

Zoey looking up.

Audrey looking down.
I have a hunch with the way they are growing in height that Audrey will always look down to Zoey and Zoey will always look up to Audrey!
And pretty Zoey ends the series.