Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Wichita Weekend

Last weekend we went to Wichita, where I swore I wouldn't take many pictures. We have about 600 photos to sort through from the last 6 weeks when our monitor was dead. Why would I want to add to that?

Anyway, we arrived on Friday night, so on Saturday morning we were able to go out and enjoy the gorgeous weather:

It just doesn't get better than 60 degrees at 9:00 AM! It was really perfect. I can't say that enough!

After changing into our day clothes, the kids played together with a new doll house.

There's some Zoey attitude for you!

Between the two of them, Zoey LOVED her doll house to bits!

Now, you know that we couldn't stay inside long. We trekked back outside to the porch.

We even brought out the Duplo blocks!

That evening we celebrated my cousin's 18th birthday. It's pretty difficult to see Robert as a striking adult though. I remember holding him as a little baby!

The next day we started the morning back outside.

Pardon the lack of pants. I'm not really sure why Jack took them off. One of those mysteries of life.

For breakfast we all came together to make pancakes, eggs and sausage. Kaki and Zo made the pancakes together!

The boys were going to go for a walk, but that didn't stop them from letting me take a few photos!

Our little chef was putting the finishing touches on her masterpiece.

She loved cooking!

SAY CHEESE! Amazingly enough, he took some pretty darn good photos with that camera!

Expect more pictures later on this week. I'll try to concise them a bit so that they are less overwhelming though!


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