Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Things You Will NEVER Experience at Our House

1) Zoey going pee-pee in the potty with her clothes on. The girl insists on stripping first.

2) Jack's room being clean. We help him clean it every weekend, but between cleanings? Yikes.

3) Super clean kitchen floor. I swear that I mop it and within 5 minutes the dust shows up again.

4) Leaf-free driveway/yard. At least for right now, the leaves are never ending. We raked a good 12 bags last Sunday. We'll need to rake a good 12 more bags this Sunday too!

5) Quiet. Say what you will, but there's always something going on. Whether it's someone singing, laughing, talking, screaming, crying, yelling or the cat mewing or the timer going off...it's noisy.

6) All the pillows on the couch. I've deemed it impossible.

7) Empty pantry or fridge. Not here. Nope. Plenty of good food to go around!!

8) Empty washer/dryer or dish washer. SOMETHING is always in the process of washing or drying!!

9) Sleeping in. It just won't happen! Jack waves at me each morning when I leave for work...at 7 AM!

10) Lack of energy. I tell you, there is ALWAYS something going on in our house!