Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Sugar Cookie Recipe Quest: Parts 1 & 2

With the upcoming cookie party this weekend (wee!), I thought I would be pro-active and bake some sugar cookies before hand to start the party. Not to be one to just do the minimum, I wanted to flood the cookies to make them even cooler.

What is flood you ask? Well, it's outlining a cookie in a heavier icing, letting it set, then "flooding" it with a runnier icing, like so:
It gives off a lovely sheen and a clean layer to decorate later on.
Well, first we have the issue with cookies. First we used Alton Brown's recipe. It tasted fine but required so much refridgeration that it wasn't worth it. I'm serious - I had to roll it and bake it within 5 minutes or it all had to go...back in the fridge. Not exactly efficient!

Next we tried the "best ever rolled sugar cookie recipe" I found online. It was posted as a recipe that could be rolled and re-rolled without getting dry.

I should have known it wouldn't turn out when it started out looking like a pie crust recipe - that's what they even said it should look like!

Rolling them out was the issue. It was so crumbly that it didn't stay together post-baking. Plus it wasn't the sort of recipe that holds a shape well. Considering this is a major factor in sugar cookie baking, it wasn't doing it.

This was a snowman at one point:
Note the icing. I didn't quite get the consistency right. The outline was too runny to hold it all in.
The cookie was good though!

See how it's already cracking? It shouldn't be doing that.

So...we're onto finding a suitable recipe! I have made so much frosting and so much dough that I'm understanding how a good recipe comes together. Will I get that perfect recipe put together by Saturday?

You'll just have to wait and see!