Monday, November 23, 2009


If you know Zoey, you'll know a few things:

1) She knows what she wants
2) She does things on her own time

Knowing these things, last week we decided to move our toddler bed up from the basement to her room. We figured that we would keep it in there with the crib until Christmas, when we would remove the crib and let her use it.

Well, when we first set it up she decided to go ahead and lay on it. Jack even brought her a pillow to use! This is the moment where Trav and I were in complete shock. I'm pretty sure our jaws are still on the floor!

We just figured it was just the initial joy of having something new to play with. We were wrong.

She slept on it through the night. Meaning she fell asleep quickly and stayed asleep, sans a brief period around midnight when her blankets fell off.

Wow. Once again - complete shock.

When we made the conversion for Jack, it was much more drawn out. He would play until he passed out on the floor, wake up freaked out and wail for an hour despite our best efforts. It took months for him to not play!

Zoey decided to just do it. Now, this doesn't mean it'll be like this every night. The crib is still in there, just in case.