Saturday, November 14, 2009

September 13 - Menorah Hospital Fun

We're taking a trip back to September, before the weather was chilly. Everyone was still in shorts and tanks - I know, I was thinking of how nice that must have felt now that it's start to be jacket weather.

Anyway, April and Audrey invited us to Menorah hospital for a free carnival!

They had firetrucks...

And free food!

Isn't Audrey just adorable? She was on a mission in this photo, but still totally cute!
They had two bounce houses - one that was a standard version and the other an obstacle course!
Jack had a total blast!

Note the kid on the right. Holy cow did that kid have hair!

In the other bounce house, the girls decided to try to go in...

Zoey would have nothing to do with it.

Audrey on the other hand didn't have any trouble diving in!

Neither did Jack.

But that's not unusual for him!

They also let the kids sit in the LifeWatch (or whatever it's called in KC - sorry, that's what we knew it as in Halstead) Helicopter!

Audrey was sitting just so sweetly!

Pilot the rescue!

Yeah, he looks like a natural.

After getting home, the kids decided that they both wanted to just sit on the floor in the garage.
Another one of those mysteries of toddlerhood.