Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Adventures

Well, we went to the Apple Orchard in September (expect more pictures from it tomorrow), so it's only natural to think that we would see the Pumpkin Patch in October. We orginally planned to go to a FREE Lawrence patch in early October, but Jack ended up getting sick. A few weeks later we decided to meet Grandma Suzie, April and Audrey in Gardner after church.

Of course, we didn't plan on this sky:

A cold front was pushing through the area and brought thunderstorms that were creeping our direction.


After arriving and getting over their admission jump, the day started out fine:

The we took the pictures by the meager group of pre-picked pumpkins.

Well, except for Zoey:

She wasn't really in the mood that day. You know...toddlers.

We played with the duck races. *Note: see the Barbie glasses in Zoey's hands? Yeah, they are in the bottom of that cold tank of water*

Jack loved it though!

Next we went to one of the last "free" portions of the super expensive patch - the train.

Jack just loved it!

I think he could have ridden that thing all day.

Audrey was excited about it too.

And Zoey? Not so much.

Check out Trav's excellent face:

I should start a collection of "Crazy Trav Faces." I'm sure between all of us we have enough for a coffee table book!
We then rode to the pumpkin patch.

It was time for a group picture. How many attemps will it take?

There aren't many pumpkin patch pictures. Why? Mother Nature intervened and gave us thunder. Jack and thunder don't mix. It's like oil and water.
Plus Zoey was just crabby.

Audrey was in a great mood though!

Ah, there was Zoey's good mood!

Before we left (and it started to storm), we went down their big slide. Who knew it would bring out the best in the kids?

After all was said and done, here was a conclusion of the trip:

Audrey - pleasantly surprised at her trip
Jackson - loving every minute of it
Zoey - needing a nap