Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Summer of Ribs

By Travis

Just what is a rib?

Ah, me like!


They're good for your eyes.

They are really good for your mouth.

And they make you smart too!

Daddy, can we have ribs every weekend?

No pictures.


Can't talk.Eating ribs.

No distractions. Eating ribs.

Mmmmm. Ribs.

Why is there bread on my plate? I want more ribs.

Don't ask me why I'm in my pajamas.


Didn't you get my message the first time? NO PICTURES.

Jack and Zoey seemed to like these; I wonder what they taste like.


And this concludes our journey through the world of Bowman smoked ribs. We hope you enjoyed your trip. Please, come again later!

Jack's Birthday

Yes...his birthday was in September.'s way overdue.


I'll make it up somehow.

The first exciting moment came with the new bike:

Cars themed, no doubt!

Can we say "LOVE IT?"

At the party Jack just had a total blast.

The girls helped too.

You know Zoey is just itching to help her brother out.

And Audrey was ready to lend a hand too!

But that was okay. Jack opened those gifts by himself!

Ah, the birthday cake. Mistake #1: letting them put black on the cookie cake, decorated with Ligthtning McQueen (with about 2 inches of icing).

Mistake #2: Letting Zoey eat it too!

Now we have a four year old. Who is nearly potty trained. And growing up.

Party with the Dough

Now for our second year running, we hosted our COOKIE PARTY!!

As you can tell, Walter was thrilled:

Now, what is a cookie party? A cookie party is when everyone gathers together to make cookies and/or watch football.

Before the party began, we were busy doing the final cleaning.

Ah, the party had begun! Here's just a glimpse at the sight of our kitchen.

And the candy!

Oh the candy!

Mint Three Musketeer Bars

All of a sudden, these "plain" Hershey Kisses don't seem so amazing.

I mean, we had Peanut Butter cups!

And caramel kisses!

Oh, and we had all of the cookie dough too:

To start the party, Zoey ate the first Kiss.

Jack soon put on his cooking gear to be a "real" chef!

Hmm. I don't see any baking doing on. Audrey is eating. Jack is putting sprinkles in a bowl and Zoey is probably considering her next bite.

Isn't Audrey a doll?

Zoey did love her kisses!

Zoey helped Jack prepare his...erm...cookie.

Audrey looked on. So much candy!

Zoey was hard at work!

As was Jack.

Audrey looked so cute in her hat!

It matched Jack's!

Zoey had her own set. Pink, of course.

My kids were actually...sharing? Stop the presses!

And...we're back to eating more chocolate.

Around this time Audrey put in one last stir and prompty said, "All done." Off to bed she went!

The rest of us bravely worked on. Aunt Pat helped the kids decorate.

Look at those hard workers!

Everyone had a special cookie with his or her name on it.

Oh that Jack is just toooooo funny!

I've heard of the NAKED chef, but now Jack is the HAPPY Chef!

He knew exactly what he was doing...most of the time.

Zoey didn't mind posing either!


Everyone needs some pink Christmas trees in their life.

Bake to work.

The boys. Downstairs. Football. Imagine the grunts and farts now.

We had the grunt and fart free zone in the kitchen.

We didn't want to ruin such a masterpiece:

Thanks everyone!! See you next year!