Friday, October 2, 2009

Stop Me

Apparently when I can't edit photos or surf the web at home, I cook. And bake.

I don't really eat much of it.

However, in the last week I've made:

- 1 cherry berry pie (heard it was great)
- two peach pies (victory - one of them was made with Pure Via and one was made with real sugar)
- apple bread (overlooked)
- chicken and dumpling soup (favorite!)
- Polenta lasagna (a little time consuming but well worth it)
- Ham and potato soup (crock pot meal - smelled divine this morning! Countdown to dish in 20 minutes)
- Brownies (from a box though, doesn't count)
- Taco soup

Phew! And it hasn't even really been a week!

So, I've also planned to make:

- Rice Krispie treats (so my kids stop asking to eat those dang marshmallows! You would think that they were the best candy in the world or something. They ask for them for every meal, even though I have yet to open the bag)
- Caramel Apple Puff-Pastry Pinwheels
- Chocolate chip pie
- More chicken and dumpling soup
- Chili
- Quiche
- Cookies (cheater type though)
- Smoked ribs
- Smoked sausage
- Some sort of bread/roll
- Jumbalaya

So, in other words...


Our family isn't going hungry or have to resort to eating junk food for awhile!

I also need to get rid of all those apples somehow. Mental note: find a good apple pie recipe!


Eden said...

Angela we are so alike! I also love creating food in my spare time. You should photograph some of those yummies.

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!