Monday, October 19, 2009


Please allow me to get away from the norm and all with this short, public service announcement: never underestimate the power of your kids.

Case in Point #1: Zoey just turned two. She’s pretty much…stubborn. Well, at daycare they’ve managed to get her to go pee-pee (toddler talk, of course!) three days in a row! We’re talking…on the potty...pee pee. Apparently she will sit on there like a big girl and sing…and talk…then pee…then sing…and talk. Of course, she has yet to even let me try with her at home. We’ll see how this goes! She also is mastering the art of phrases – her favorites? “Byeeeeee! See you later! Luv you!” We’ll open the car window when we’re stuck in traffic and she’ll wave frantically at the passing cars saying, “HIIIII THEEERE! LUV YOOOOOU! BYEEEEEEEEE!” So cute!

Case in Point #2: Jack was sick this weekend with a strange fever/cough combo. No H1N1, but just a strange cold. Nonetheless, we let him sleep in the basement the first night he was sick with Trav. We were all down there relaxing and watching a video of Jack when he was about 15-18 months and he said, “when I am adulated, I will have a baby in my tummy named Bailey.” First of all…where do you even start?! I couldn’t stop laughing, so it was definitely a memorable occasion! Jack also loves to bring me flowers every day from the gym. By flowers, of course, I mean weeds. Nonetheless, I think I love it! Side note: Jack recently asked us to put away his booster seat. On one hand, he’s a big boy and sitting like a big boy. And on the other hand, I never knew how dirty that chair was until I took off the booster seat. OY!

Still no monitor, but we are planning to get one by next week. Or this week. Sometime by the end of October. I have so many pictures to actually go through that it’s crazy. I can’t even begin to really tell you about them! I have everything from Jack’s birthday to playing in the leaves. OY!

However, I am starting to come up with lists of stuff for the kids. If you need ideas for Christmas, come back by Friday and I’ll have a list over to the right ------------------> of this post. If nothing more, you can see what the kids like these days. It may just be easier than to send out individual gift lists.

So go out! Enjoy the weather and sunshine while it lasts!!

(Any predictions on the first snowfall? How about the total snowfall for the 09-10 winter?)


Steve, April and Audrey said...

yay for Zoey! Audrey pooped twice on the potty last week, but nothing so far this week. Oh well! Here's to counting down the days to no more diapers!

Angi said...

That's great!!! Pooping is HUGE! Zoey's getting to the point where she knows when she has to go pee, but she doesn't know what to do after that. Last night she stripped and while I was getting her potty, she peed on the floor. At least she kept pointing to it and saying, "pee pee there."