Monday, October 12, 2009

Nebraska Trip, Harvest

Brrrrr!! (Note: above picture is not from the trip)

Well, we survived! Here is a quick look at the first few hours of our trip:

7:00: Leave KC, temperature 38 degrees
9:00: Passed Topeka, temperature 37 degrees
9:30: Dad called, said that city 100 miles from our farm received 15 inches, farm received 2 inches - more snow coming and traveling EAST across the state, temperature 36
10:00: Made decision to keep going, temperature 34
10:30: Found hotel in Salina, just in case, temperature 30
10:40: Met parents near Salina, temperature 32
11:30: Traveled together to Concordia in sleet, temperature 30
12:00: Traveled to York in sleet and snow mix, temperature 29
2:00: Saw farm. Saw corn. Played in the snow. Temperature, 36
6:00: Find hotel in Omaha, temperature 41
6:10: Checked into rooms
6:15: Checked out of rooms
7:15: Finally checked into a new hotel
7:30: Go down to hotel restaurant
9:00: Swim
10:00: Get kids in bed
11:30: Go to bed

Don't expect a lot of pictures. It was cold, the kids were grumpy, adults were grouchy and there wasn't really anything exciting to picture on the way.

ANYWAY - we did it! Now we're slowly warming up and trying to forget the fact that it eventually snow 25 inches in North Platte, NE. We want to pretend that it didn't snow at ALL on the trip because we want to keep fall here for as long as possible!