Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Christmas Ideas

Since the majority of people who visit this blog are family, I thought I would post Christmas ideas for the kids. Just ideas, mind you. It's a way for YOU to know what THEY like.

For example, you can tell that Jack likes the movie CARS.

Or you may tell that Zoey is a completely girly girl and enjoys the dolls and the hair stuff and the jewelry.

Take it or leave it, but it's there if you need it! Once again, just IDEAS!! I remember having to write out Christmas gift ideas as a kid, so why not just post it on here?

Pictures are coming! The pictures are coming!


Monday, October 19, 2009


Please allow me to get away from the norm and all with this short, public service announcement: never underestimate the power of your kids.

Case in Point #1: Zoey just turned two. She’s pretty much…stubborn. Well, at daycare they’ve managed to get her to go pee-pee (toddler talk, of course!) three days in a row! We’re talking…on the potty...pee pee. Apparently she will sit on there like a big girl and sing…and talk…then pee…then sing…and talk. Of course, she has yet to even let me try with her at home. We’ll see how this goes! She also is mastering the art of phrases – her favorites? “Byeeeeee! See you later! Luv you!” We’ll open the car window when we’re stuck in traffic and she’ll wave frantically at the passing cars saying, “HIIIII THEEERE! LUV YOOOOOU! BYEEEEEEEEE!” So cute!

Case in Point #2: Jack was sick this weekend with a strange fever/cough combo. No H1N1, but just a strange cold. Nonetheless, we let him sleep in the basement the first night he was sick with Trav. We were all down there relaxing and watching a video of Jack when he was about 15-18 months and he said, “when I am adulated, I will have a baby in my tummy named Bailey.” First of all…where do you even start?! I couldn’t stop laughing, so it was definitely a memorable occasion! Jack also loves to bring me flowers every day from the gym. By flowers, of course, I mean weeds. Nonetheless, I think I love it! Side note: Jack recently asked us to put away his booster seat. On one hand, he’s a big boy and sitting like a big boy. And on the other hand, I never knew how dirty that chair was until I took off the booster seat. OY!

Still no monitor, but we are planning to get one by next week. Or this week. Sometime by the end of October. I have so many pictures to actually go through that it’s crazy. I can’t even begin to really tell you about them! I have everything from Jack’s birthday to playing in the leaves. OY!

However, I am starting to come up with lists of stuff for the kids. If you need ideas for Christmas, come back by Friday and I’ll have a list over to the right ------------------> of this post. If nothing more, you can see what the kids like these days. It may just be easier than to send out individual gift lists.

So go out! Enjoy the weather and sunshine while it lasts!!

(Any predictions on the first snowfall? How about the total snowfall for the 09-10 winter?)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Snow? October?

I should preface by saying that our family goes to Nebraska twice a year - once for harvest and once for planting. We plan this months in advance, so who knew that the weekend we decided to trek up there would be an early snow?

When we left KC, it was 38. When we stopped outside of Manhattan, here was the temp:

Yup. We thought that 35 degrees was cold. Too bad it wasn't as cold as it was really going to get. Before we were done, it would actually hit 29 as a daytime temp. Ouch.

We managed to have some fun though:

Rest stops are fun! No pictures of Jack here. It was just too cold to take many pictures of a boy running around. I just wanted to sit in my nice, warm car...thank you very much.

Getting to the farm proved to be difficult. Not only was it cold, but it snowed 25 inches in North Platte, a town just 100 or so miles from the farm. It was still snowing at the farm around lunch time, and we were driving north into sleet. Not exactly October weather.

We stopped for some lunch to wait to see what happened. As it turned out, the storm broke up a bit and let us sneak up there.

Obviously there was snow:

For the record, Jack throws some mean snow balls.

They received something like 3-4 inches of snow at the farm, but most of it had melted off by the time we got there. It had been in the 60s just the week before, so the melting was no surprise.

Pardon the darker photos. That just means I forgot to edit them and don't really want to go back and do it. So you'll just have to suffer.


It actually was enough snow for some snow angels! No picture of that though - Jack was too quick for me. I don't work well when cold.

Ah, the corn photos. Right about naptime too. This was bound to be a great time, right?

Great time though in the corn field - ours by the homestead had already been plowed though.

Now, one of our tenants or past tenants stored a tractor on the property. Naturally, we played on it:

After all was said and done, it was a great trip. More details coming!

Oh! And PS - don't give Zoey an oreo or this will happen:

I guess I should mention that Zoey has being going pee-pee in the potty like a big girl for the last two days! Of course, we have to put her up there but she's done it! Jack is doing well with his potty training too, though we had a bit of a relapse after the Nebraska trip. We're on track now though!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Nebraska Trip, Harvest

Brrrrr!! (Note: above picture is not from the trip)

Well, we survived! Here is a quick look at the first few hours of our trip:

7:00: Leave KC, temperature 38 degrees
9:00: Passed Topeka, temperature 37 degrees
9:30: Dad called, said that city 100 miles from our farm received 15 inches, farm received 2 inches - more snow coming and traveling EAST across the state, temperature 36
10:00: Made decision to keep going, temperature 34
10:30: Found hotel in Salina, just in case, temperature 30
10:40: Met parents near Salina, temperature 32
11:30: Traveled together to Concordia in sleet, temperature 30
12:00: Traveled to York in sleet and snow mix, temperature 29
2:00: Saw farm. Saw corn. Played in the snow. Temperature, 36
6:00: Find hotel in Omaha, temperature 41
6:10: Checked into rooms
6:15: Checked out of rooms
7:15: Finally checked into a new hotel
7:30: Go down to hotel restaurant
9:00: Swim
10:00: Get kids in bed
11:30: Go to bed

Don't expect a lot of pictures. It was cold, the kids were grumpy, adults were grouchy and there wasn't really anything exciting to picture on the way.

ANYWAY - we did it! Now we're slowly warming up and trying to forget the fact that it eventually snow 25 inches in North Platte, NE. We want to pretend that it didn't snow at ALL on the trip because we want to keep fall here for as long as possible!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Welcome to Our World!

First of all...Trav and I celebrated our anniversary yesterday!! Three years married; six years together. Not too shabby! So here's for 3 years down!

Side note - I was doing some research on divorces. You know, so I could say that since we've been married for 3 years, we have now outlasted an average of x% of marriages. Something like that.

Check this out: "First marriages ending in divorce last an average of 11 years for both men and women. Remarriages ending in divorce last an average of 7.4 years for men and 7.1 years for women. Nationally, all marriages ending in divorce last an average of 9.8 years."

That's interesting. I had no idea that a lot of couples made it beyond 10 years before divorcing! Crazy.

Anyway, I just wanted to say - thank you for your support and you don't have to worry about us. We're on solid ground, baby! I couldn't imagine a better man to have as my husband. Tear, tear. Time flies when you're having fun!

In other's cold. And I mean cold. We had to turn on our heater last night. Granted it's set at 66 degrees, but it went off many times during the night. That should tell you something!

Snow possible (probable) this weekend just as we head to Nebraska for our biannual trip to the farm.



So, if you don't hear from us after this weekend, you'll know that we are frozen to the barn or possibly a cow.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Stop Me

Apparently when I can't edit photos or surf the web at home, I cook. And bake.

I don't really eat much of it.

However, in the last week I've made:

- 1 cherry berry pie (heard it was great)
- two peach pies (victory - one of them was made with Pure Via and one was made with real sugar)
- apple bread (overlooked)
- chicken and dumpling soup (favorite!)
- Polenta lasagna (a little time consuming but well worth it)
- Ham and potato soup (crock pot meal - smelled divine this morning! Countdown to dish in 20 minutes)
- Brownies (from a box though, doesn't count)
- Taco soup

Phew! And it hasn't even really been a week!

So, I've also planned to make:

- Rice Krispie treats (so my kids stop asking to eat those dang marshmallows! You would think that they were the best candy in the world or something. They ask for them for every meal, even though I have yet to open the bag)
- Caramel Apple Puff-Pastry Pinwheels
- Chocolate chip pie
- More chicken and dumpling soup
- Chili
- Quiche
- Cookies (cheater type though)
- Smoked ribs
- Smoked sausage
- Some sort of bread/roll
- Jumbalaya

So, in other words...


Our family isn't going hungry or have to resort to eating junk food for awhile!

I also need to get rid of all those apples somehow. Mental note: find a good apple pie recipe!