Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zoey's check up ... our shrimp

Zoey is officially our shrimp.
Our little bug.
Our tiny toddler.

First, let's compare:

First, Zoey's 15 and 18 month appointments.

Hmm. Even shorter than Jack at that age!

Now, from 18 months to today:

That's right - she's still short! The doctor isn't worried, but wow. According to the height doubling at 2, she's going to be around 5'3.

Here's where it gets scary

Let's compare the cousins. Audrey is exactly 6 months younger than Zoey.

This is where both girls sit NOW:

That's right. She's 2 inches shorter and three pounds heavier.

But when Zoey was 18 months old...

Zoey was still a shrimp but only 1 pound, 12 ounces heavier.

Here's the crazy part - Zoey is in the 5-10% in height but 50% in weight. That means she's normal for weight!