Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Message About Poop

Now, it's not often I would bring up such a personal topic. However, when you have a child going through potty training, it's all of a sudden a phrase that doesn't seem so naughty.

I have no problem asking Jack, in public, whether or not he needs to go poop.
I have no problem asking him, in public, whether or not he has just pooped his pants.

I don't. I really don't.

I also have no problem, announcing to the public, that Jack has gone without pooping into his pants for a full 7 days now.

The first time - he was in there for an hour before anything happened.
The second time - he was in there for 20 minutes
Last night - he told ME that he had to go poop and after about 15 seconds was done and moved on.


We finally aced the pooping technique.

Let me tell you - I didn't think it would happen there for a while. It was getting so frustrating with him.

This may be the last few months with diapers! We can only hope - those things are so expensive!

So, unless I jinxed it, I think we can call Jack nearly potty trained!