Wednesday, September 2, 2009

10 Reasons

...why you won't be hearing from me until Monday...

1) I need to bake 3 cakes. Tonight. (CAKEBALLS!!)

2) I need to bake cookies. Tonight. (Thank you for Trav - he's incredible!)

3) I get to organize new clothes from the sale.

4) I'm cleaning out the sub basement because... (see #5)

5) We're gettin' ready for our CAT - D-day is tomorrow!

6) I need to find oil-based food coloring (random helpful hint - if you ever need to color melted
chocolate, don't use your standard water-based food coloring that you use to dye Easter eggs and cookies with. The water makes the chocolate harden quickly).

7) I just realized I need to print some pictures. Interesting bout of forgetfulness.

8) I must, must, MUST clean out the Master bedroom.

9) I want to spend time with my the midst of a crazy life right now.

10) I'm still getting over the flu - I'm feeling better but not running on all cylinders!

HOWEVER, I do promise pictures on Monday. Since it's a Holiday, I figured that it's the least I can do. I need to redeem myself!