Wednesday, September 30, 2009

PICTURES!! (Sort of)

Okay, so it's not exactly the pictures I wanted to share. We're picking up a new monitor soon, so until then, I'm going to post the photos I edited at work.

Since it's done away from home, I really couldn't just copy all the photos to my hard drive, sort through them and edit the top 10% or so.

Whenever we get the monitor up and running, I'm sure I'll have plenty of better photos to post. I mean, Jack's fourth birthday was an amazing success!

Anyway, on with the pictures!!

First, Jack, Kaki and I carved a pumpkin for Zoey (note: on Monday Zoey and I carved a pumpkin for Jack. Interesting)

Jack really scooped out the seeds and "gunk" from the pumpkin.

Imagine hearing a giant "plop."

Reaching in for more guts!

Now, I also should mention that my dad is a huge Husker fans. Our kids have no problem putting on Husker gear and smiling!

The big news? Our wall is done!

Jack even helped.


Later in the weekend (it all tends to mesh together), we headed to an apple orchard with Grandma Suzie, Aunt April and Cousin Audrey. Don't worry - you'll see pictures of them once our computer is fixed!

They had chickens!

And apple orchard was really an amazing experience.

The cousins were exited to ride together!

Jack loved picking apples!

Zoey got in on it too...

Our haul - before we added pre-picked Jonathons and Galas.

Hmmm. There are more haybale pictures, so why they didn't post I'm not sure. Just know that we all had a blast!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Message About Poop

Now, it's not often I would bring up such a personal topic. However, when you have a child going through potty training, it's all of a sudden a phrase that doesn't seem so naughty.

I have no problem asking Jack, in public, whether or not he needs to go poop.
I have no problem asking him, in public, whether or not he has just pooped his pants.

I don't. I really don't.

I also have no problem, announcing to the public, that Jack has gone without pooping into his pants for a full 7 days now.

The first time - he was in there for an hour before anything happened.
The second time - he was in there for 20 minutes
Last night - he told ME that he had to go poop and after about 15 seconds was done and moved on.


We finally aced the pooping technique.

Let me tell you - I didn't think it would happen there for a while. It was getting so frustrating with him.

This may be the last few months with diapers! We can only hope - those things are so expensive!

So, unless I jinxed it, I think we can call Jack nearly potty trained!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pausing for a Breath

So, what do you want first?

The good news?


The bad news?

The bad news, you say?

Well, here it goes - our home computer needs an emergency trip to the computer doctor. This means that we don't have a computer or Internet access from home until it gets fixed. This means that although I have tons of pictures of post, I can't. Sorry, man.

When I do have time and a working computer, you can expect:

1) Cute pictures of the kids together
2) A few last pictures of swimming
4) Zoey's birthday
5) Trip to the Menorah Fest with April and Audrey
6) More Walter
7) Anything else I find but I have completely forgotten about

THE GOOD NEWS though is much better...Jack is turning four this weekend! Well, really it's next Wednesday, but we're celebrating it this weekend. It should be a great Cars-themed time.

On the menu...

- Pizza
- Fruit salad
- Cheetos

I know, it's hilarious. Jack picked it out himself. Awesome.

We're also potentially headed to the Apple Orchard on Sunday, but more details will emerge there.

**SIDE NOTE: I think this summer has been on the most challenging in the history of summers. We had a flooded basement, broken pool pump, broken Polaris pump, mono for 3 weeks (Trav), mail frauder and now a broken computer.

I think this means the score is...

house/life: 5,000
Trav & Angi: 2 (pity points)

We're also putting in a retaining wall with help from my parents on Friday, so keep those positive vibes coming our way!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zoey's check up ... our shrimp

Zoey is officially our shrimp.
Our little bug.
Our tiny toddler.

First, let's compare:

First, Zoey's 15 and 18 month appointments.

Hmm. Even shorter than Jack at that age!

Now, from 18 months to today:

That's right - she's still short! The doctor isn't worried, but wow. According to the height doubling at 2, she's going to be around 5'3.

Here's where it gets scary

Let's compare the cousins. Audrey is exactly 6 months younger than Zoey.

This is where both girls sit NOW:

That's right. She's 2 inches shorter and three pounds heavier.

But when Zoey was 18 months old...

Zoey was still a shrimp but only 1 pound, 12 ounces heavier.

Here's the crazy part - Zoey is in the 5-10% in height but 50% in weight. That means she's normal for weight!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Our Newest Family Member

If I had more energy, I would totally tell you more about Walter's background. But, I don't. I baked two cakes last night and guess how many ended up being 100% done? ZERO. Now I have to completely re-do them.


ANYWAY...that's not important. What IS important is introducing our CAT, Walter!

Walter is...

Around 5 years old.

How can you not just love this face?

We brought him home yesterday, but you would have never known it. By 8:30 in the evening, he was following me around and demanding love. He even slept for a while with Trav and I!

See? He's huge!


Plus he gets along with the kids!!

Tomorrow...ZOEY TURNS TWO!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

10 Reasons

...why you won't be hearing from me until Monday...

1) I need to bake 3 cakes. Tonight. (CAKEBALLS!!)

2) I need to bake cookies. Tonight. (Thank you for Trav - he's incredible!)

3) I get to organize new clothes from the sale.

4) I'm cleaning out the sub basement because... (see #5)

5) We're gettin' ready for our CAT - D-day is tomorrow!

6) I need to find oil-based food coloring (random helpful hint - if you ever need to color melted
chocolate, don't use your standard water-based food coloring that you use to dye Easter eggs and cookies with. The water makes the chocolate harden quickly).

7) I just realized I need to print some pictures. Interesting bout of forgetfulness.

8) I must, must, MUST clean out the Master bedroom.

9) I want to spend time with my the midst of a crazy life right now.

10) I'm still getting over the flu - I'm feeling better but not running on all cylinders!

HOWEVER, I do promise pictures on Monday. Since it's a Holiday, I figured that it's the least I can do. I need to redeem myself!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I am very slowly getting to the point of going crazy!

First of all, PHOTOS ~~~ are not here.

Some are edited.
Some are ready.
Some are still on the memory card.
Some have yet to be taken.

You'll get to see photos someday.

I hope.

I have so many from swimming in the pool that I may just combine them all and label them as... "pool." No dates. Nada. Just..."pool."

It's summer. Come on! That's what we do in the summer!

Anyway, why am I going crazy?

1) BIG consignment sale this week - we did the big drop-off yesterday and today will be headed over there to do the big pick-up (translation: SHOP!)

2) Zoey turns 2. This weekend. As in...THIS Saturday! Not only am I going crazy from trying to figure out where the last 2 years have gone, but there's this party. You know, birthday bash. Oy.

3) I've been sick. Sick as in didn't-leave-the-bedroom-for-days sick. As in didn't-have-time-to-do-anything-else sick. (I am feeling tons better now - thanks for asking!)

Okay, so it sounds like a lot in my head, but really it's just me trying to say that