Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kids Just Rock

So...I have tons of pictures to put up. No energy but lots of pictures.

Bad comination man. are some videos of the kids.


Jack Singing (it's like he's stuck on repeat for like the first 20 seconds)


Zoey chasing a flash light (awesome time)


Last but not least, a fast example of Zoey's new talent - batting her eyes/flirting

So basically, here's my apology. And three videos. Stay tuned for awesome photos, especially considering we have a POOL PARTY THIS WEEKEND - just in time for 96 degree weather!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Boy Meets Pool

Actually, it's more like...boy meets floaters which opens up a whole new pool world.

Last weekend, all of my family came up as a last hurrah before my sister and brother-in-law head to China for two very long years.

It was an excellent weekend filled with great times, great food and plenty of pictures. Most of these pictures take place in the pool.

Shocking, I know.

Anyway, on a trip to a local grocery store, I found little arm floats for $1. Not bad, except for the fact they are bright pink.

Jack didn't really seem to mind though.

Sam and Nate helped him put them on. We had tried earlier in the day and discovered that he really wasn't in the mood at that time. Sam and Nate just make things that much better.

So, here we go. Swinging into position for the first unassisted swim...

Still hanging on, but not for long...

SCORE! Proud and swimming all by himself!

He had an excellent time! Of course, we're with him 100% of the time "just in case."

The best thing?

It wears him out faster than ever before!

Can we say that this swim produced some of the hardest sleeping we've ever seen from this boy?

If you know how hard this kid sleeps, you'll understand how amazing that statement is!

Tonight he discovered how to be a shark by submerging his face in the water, hold his breath and kicking.