Monday, July 20, 2009

Perfect Weekend...Part 1

Kansas is known for a few things:

1) Sunflowers
2) Wheat
3) A lot of nothing
4) KU Basketball
5) KSU Football (RIP)
6) Civil War Stuff
7) Lots and lots of heat and humidity

Last weekend what did we have? A heatwave? NO! Seventy degree weather!!

Among other things, the Bowman - Abbott - Bowman families went to PowerPlay, a really fun (and relatively cheap) arcade.


In fact, you know everyone is going to have a good time when the kids find a "cool" game at the very front of the place!

Zoey found her calling. Her favorite thing to do? Push buttons.

Jack spent most of his time in here - a play area. Why don't I have many pictures of him in said play area? Because he was pretty darn fast.

Audrey wasn't sure of what to make of everything.

Zoey found her calling though.

A Ferrari!

Watch out drivers in 2023!

She was having so fun though.

Audrey did try the car for a brief moment before deciding that her Daddy's arms were much safer.

Zoey figured out how to press the start button by herself.

And she was a happy camper once more!

Notice her hair. She has some new hair growing that's just hillarious.

Look at Audrey driving!

Then...Zoey saw the train.

The first time, she screamed the entire time. She bolted off of there to play with the arcade game.

Looking back, she realized she actually liked the train. So...she hopped back on for a go around the track.

She didn't cry this time!

Audrey had a blast with the video game!

While Jack and Zoey were happily in the train.

Zoey liked it so much that she wouldn't let the attendant unchain the safety rope. She wanted to go again!

We ended up on the arcade floor, where Jack played air hockey with another little boy.

Instead of just going home, we made our way to Papa Don and Grandma Suzie's house to play with a swingset that Papa Don had refurbished.

It was an instant hit and quite impressive!

The kids loved it!


Melissa May said...

WIND! You forgot that Kansas is also known for WIND!!! : )

Is Travis all better from his bout with mono? I hope so... : )