Monday, July 20, 2009

Holiday Photos ... a few weeks late

They are here! They are here!

Both kids are in bed, the upstairs vacuumed, spaghetti & meatballs made, brownies baked and ...picutres up!

Let's travel back in time to July 3-5, 2009. We made our way down to Wichita to see my parents. There, we flew kites in the gorgeous weather.

It was simply gorgeous. Look at that sky! Ah, bliss!

Because our kids love trash trucks, the world momentarily stopped while they admired the truck.

And then back to kite flying!

Like I said, gorgeous!

Nate kindly showed the kids had to be properly hydrated in the sun.

Jack showed his version of staying cool.

That night, we purchased some firecrackers. Ooo. Snappers were an instant favorite:

Here were our big ones.

Zoey was eager. This should be been a clue to us.

Zoey really had no fear. She STEPPED on the snappers with just socks on.

Awww! I love my girl!

And my boy...who experienced sparklers for the first time.

Trav graciously lit all of the fireworks.

Zoey clapped at each pop, snap and spark.


Amazingly enough, Nate had never lit a firecracker before. Obviously, that changed pretty quickly.

Jack and Sam went inside during most of the excitement to watch Elf instead. Eh, whatever works! Jack did had fun with the bubbles though.

Of course, Zoey did everything that her big brother did!

The next day we played outside in the dirt.

Some of us played more than others.

As can be expected, Jack had a total blast!

He generally does when playing in the dirt.

Zoey even enjoyed herself!

Our digger ... just too busy for photos.

Enjoy the rare moment of his face. He generally won't let me take his picture!

Back to work!

Here's Zoey screaming. I'll let you imagine what it sounds like.

Zoey loves to help with the dishes!

The fourth was actually pretty cloudy for most of the day.

I'm pretty sure that only Jack actually swam during the entire trip.

Zoey was simply happy playing piano!

When Jack joined her (note the goggles), she was in hog heaven!

Aww! They DO love each other!

For some reason, I love this picture.

Jack was in time-out for pooping in his pants. Zoey wanted to make sure he was okay!

Downstairs, Jack let me take his picture.

And Zoey showed her dedication to sun protection.

Soon after eating, we piled into the cars and headed to a local strip mall to watch fireworks set off by the country club across the street.

EVERYONE was excited!

Even Jack, though he did wear headphones during the course of the evening.

Please note the "Everyone Poops" book. Instant hit.

Zoey loved being with her daddy!

And Kaki and Jack were feeding the birds. With gold fish crackers.

Don't mess with her Teddy Grahams!

Check out the picture of the moon I managed to get! God bless a tripod!

Now for the fireworks:

We closed the evening with some Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

The next day we just had fun:

Zoey fed the turtle.

Showed off her ponytail!

Posed for the camera.

Played with my camera.

Inspected her swimming suit (though it was a chilly 69 degrees out!)

More Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

And more piano.